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Godzilla laid eggs in the Madison Square Garden of my heart

Believe it or not the title means I liked the movie. A lot. But it’s hard to talk about this movie with out ultimately bringing up the original 1998 Godzilla. The lizard faced ,asexual monster that stormed New York to terrorize Matthew Broderick. I’m not here to write about that though! That’s old! That’s in the past! There’s a new Americanized Godzilla and he’s kicking ass and taking name.

Now I will be the first to say that the good Kaiju on Kaiju action happens in the last 30-45 minute of the movie. The movie forces us to sit through a lot of human trauma and suffering. Which at some points does fall a little flat. But for the most part I feel really served a greater intention (on purpose or not) that we human are mere ants to these great hulking beast, if anything to slightly inconvenienced them.

The monster fight themselves were something to see. Played on with an awesome score clearly inspired by the original music from giant monster movies of the past. Like old favorite moves from your favorite childhood wrestler Godzilla beats on his foes with reckless abandon. Almost had me cheering in the theater.

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